The growing social awareness around air quality means that we must rethink the design of spaces; this is why a home should be more than a property or a space where the family lives in a healthy environment. Health and well-being become essential factors to be taken into account in the design and development of real estate assets.

Improving indoor air quality is a key differentiating element when marketing an asset.

We spend 90% of our time inside buildings (a large part of this inside homes) and this leads to many chronic health problems resulting from the construction features of the property and the environment in which it is located.

We live in times when respiratory diseases and infections are a growing condition in all developed countries, and Spain is no exception.

On the basis that there is considerable under-diagnosis, some estimate more than 60% of those affected by respiratory diseases without taking into account the child population. Spanish people view health as a main issue above family and professional stability. This conviction matches that of other European countries, the US and Canada.

And filtration is key to ensuring air quality inside buildings.

Traditional ventilation methods based on opening windows from time to time is an insufficient solution because pollutants continue to enter from outdoors if not properly filtered.

Having a good filtration system inside the home enables the purification of outdoor air, which means indoor air is constantly being renewed and a large proportion of indoor pollutants are diluted.

In Spain, a broad group of consumers, either for themselves or for the sake of their children, include health in the equation when making a purchase such as in the case of renting or buying a house.

property development that places value on health and sustainability will differentiate itself in a positive way from other properties in which indoor air quality is not an important factor.

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