Hotels are adopting new ways of appreciating space due to customer demand for comfortable and innovative environments that make them feel at home.

Health and well-being are key matters to consider for the different people who use these spaces: employees and customers.

A hotel must be much more than a place to rest, and become a healthy environment in which guests feel comfortable. With regard to indoor air quality, the bedrooms and the way in which they are filtered are also very important.

Hotel and Catering establishment references

The value proposal of a healthy hotel is very powerful.

Each hotel area can be used in different ways, from business meetings to breakfasts, and this means that hotel managers must act in accordance with the multiple functions of each room, because it is not the same entering a room that smells of food, as entering one in which the air has been filtered. There is no denying the importance of indoor air quality.

Preventing food odours from passing directly outside and bothering residents of the property is a challenge which is also faced by restaurants. An establishment in which the air customers breathe is clean and the indoor air quality is good will be busier than a restaurant with air that is not filtered properly.

Therefore, by introducing solutions to improve indoor air quality, both employees and end customers can benefit, and the values of the hotel/restaurant will also be transmitted, with a clear increase in reputation.

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