Aire Limpio is a group of companies specialising in products and services for Indoor Environmental Quality with special attention to the health and well-being of people, energy efficiency and air quality in buildings.

Established in 1999, this Spanish-financed company is a leader in this sector.

Main areas of action:

Aire Limpio ámbitos de actuación

Aire Limpio is a benchmark for air filtration, ventilation and purification solutions. We work both in buildings in use, and in new projects and large renovations, in addition to working with professionals from the technical installations sector in public and private buildings, in line with the strictest RITE building regulations.

We also boast extensive experience in hospitals, in equipping and adapting Isolation Environments such as rooms for immunosuppressed patients, infectious patients, laboratories, ICU boxes, pharmacy and emergency services, as well as in installing Active Polarisation, UVGI and Photocatalysis, both in the ducts and general air conditioning systems of hospitals.

In January 2006, we created AMBISALUD Calidad Ambiental S.L., which is a company specialised in Environmental Quality for Buildings and Hospitals and formed by a multidisciplinary work team made up entirely of Indoor Environmental Quality Technicians (FEDECAI).

AMBISALUD regularly analyses environmental quality in the most iconic buildings in Spain and has sound experience in the hospital sector. More specifically, it conducts validation studies of operating theatres and controlled environment rooms, as well as in the qualification of laboratory booths.

AMBISALUD was the first company in Spain to be certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 by AENOR with the specific scope of INDOOR ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY INSPECTION for Buildings, Operating Theatres and Controlled Environment Rooms in hospitals.


In January 2021, it acquired 100% of Commtech Commissioning Services from the Swedish multinational group Fagerhult.

Commtech, founded in 2002, is specialised in Commissioning Services and Commissioning Operations and Testing in new and refurbished buildings, as well as in existing buildings and those in mission critical environments. It is accredited by the American associations ACG (AABC Commissioning Group), BCxA (Building Commissioning Association), NEBB (National Environmental Balancing Bureau), and by the British Commissioning Specialists Association – CSA.

Commissioning is the process which verifies and documents that all the equipment, facilities and systems of a building or an infrastructure are designed, assembled and tested in order to operate in accordance with the operational requirements of the property or user, and be managed by operating and maintenance staff who have received appropriate training. Commissioning makes environments more comfortable, efficient, reliable, sustainable and safer.

Our commitment

Aire Limpio is an organisation with a genuine concern for personal health and well-being, as well as for the sustainability and energy efficiency of buildings.

Buildings account for more than 40% of all energy consumption in Europe and 36% of CO2 emissions; outdoor air is also highly polluted and unsuitable for use in ventilation without being filtered properly.

RITE regulations and international building certifications (LEED®WELL and BREEAM®) are very demanding in terms of air quality, filtration, ventilation and energy savings.

Buildings either have too much or too little ventilation, therefore wasting energy and posing problems with regard to Indoor Air Quality. Air in buildings is therefore an expensive resource that affects the health and comfort of users, which is why it must be managed intelligently.

At Aire Limpio, we strive to help people live and work in healthy and sustainable environments, by means of improving the indoor air quality of the buildings in which they live and work in order to better their well-being and health, thus improving their living and working conditions.

We optimise the energy efficiency of buildings. We reduce energy consumption and operating costs of ventilation systems to achieve sustainable and environmentally-friendly conditions.


Our Values

  • Rationalise and learn from mistakes and misunderstandings.
  • Technological innovation.
  • Technical knowledge.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Openness, trust and honesty.
  • Participation and commitment: Attitude, compatibility, and work capacity.
  • Recognising and taking pride in success.
  • Ongoing improvement.


Compliance with RITE regulations

RITE (Regulations on Thermal Installations in Buildings) require the ventilation and air conditioning installations of buildings to meet minimum requirements for energy efficiency and Indoor Air Quality (article 11), and stipulate mandatory Technical Instructions for filtration (IT1. (IT1.

RITE regulations also sort Outdoor Air Quality (ODA) into five levels. Depending on outdoor quality (ODA) and the location of the building, minimum levels of filtration are required according to its IDA.

ODA Outdoor Air Quality

  • ODA 1: Pure air which may be only temporarily dusty (e.g. pollen).
  • ODA 2: Air with high concentrations of particulate matter and/or gaseous pollutants.
  • ODA 3: Air with high concentrations of gaseous pollutants (ODA G) and/or particulate matter (ODA 3P).

IDA Indoor Air Quality

  • IDA 1: Optimum air quality. This would be the case in hospitals, clinics, laboratories and nurseries.
  • IDA 2: Good air quality. This would be the case in offices, museums, courts, classrooms and swimming pools.
  • IDA 3: Medium air quality. This would be the case in commercial buildings, cinemas, theatres and gyms.
  • IDA 4: Low air quality.

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