Aire Limpio UVGI irradiation emitters are the most powerful UVC devices on the market to eradicate moulds, viruses, bacteria and odours from air conditioning systems.

These devices emit a germicidal ultraviolet light that penetrates microbes, destroying their DNA and RNA, killing or deactivating them, in addition to degrading moulds and continuously keeping air conditioning systems clean.

This technology ensures that the AHU batteries are always clean.

  • The system works with maximum efficiency without wasting energy.
  • Manual cleaning that exposes staff to chemicals is not required.
  • It increases the useful life of the AHUs and prevents the biofilm from producing acids that corrode the metal.
  • Maintenance costs and downtime are reduced.

This technology achieves various major credits in the following certifications and their corresponding categories:


  • Feature 6 (Air): Microbe and mould control.


Advantages and benefits of UGVI Ultraviolet Irradiation Emitters

Aire Limpio Air UVGI irradiation emitters have numerous advantages and benefits that make any building where they are installed benefit from better Indoor Air Quality, protecting the health of occupants:

  • Reduce the risk of microbiological contamination.
  • Protect processes, products and machines from microbiological contamination.
  • Improve the energy efficiency of cooling systems.
  • Reduce the power consumption of air conditioning systems by between 10% and 20%.
  • Reduce maintenance costs of air conditioning systems.
  • Promote savings in chemicals and maintenance staff (and there is no downtime associated with maintenance).
  • In Food, they improve the product and its shelf life, adding safety against the risk of infections.
  • Reduce the use of preservatives.


Applications and installation in hospitals

These Aire Limpio UVGI irradiation emitters can be installed in operating rooms, intensive care rooms, isolated rooms, emergency rooms, laboratories, exhaust ducts, autopsy rooms and cooling towers.

Specific advantages for this type of environment:

  • Reduction in the number of nosocomial infections.
  • Reduction of the dispersion of infectious particles by 99%.
  • Prevention of contamination in laboratories, operating rooms and other critical areas.
  • Eradication of all types of microbes without producing ozone, other gases, fumes or secondary pollution.

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