Grease is one of the biggest problems in kitchen extraction ducts.

With the build-up of grease, the ducts become a field for bacteria and other microorganisms to grow in, also increasing the risk of fire and posing a serious hazard to people and facilities.


Grease and odour treatment in office buildings

Problems relating to odour and grease build-up are common in kitchens, cafeterias, canteens, dining halls or vending areas inside corporate office buildings.

The root of the problem lies in the fact that the outdoor outlet for odours is close to or is the same as the air intake of the air conditioning systems. This may even be directly adjacent to other rooms in the same building, thus creating unpleasant situations in other office areas, such as meeting rooms, work stations or individual offices.

Pollutants such as grease and smoke in air extracted from kitchens cause the build-up of grease in the duct, and grease to be emitted outside.


Grease and odour treatment in hotel and catering establishments

Good Indoor Air Quality makes an extraordinary difference in the Hotel and Catering sector, as many customers refuse to return to an establishment if it has an unpleasant smell. Problems with odours are also common in residents’ associations.

Having clean air in hotel and catering environments is highly profitable as it allows you to:

  • Increase customer consumption.
  • Save on maintenance costs.
  • Avoid disputes with the administration or residents.

Advantages and benefits of grease and odour treatment

Practical cases of grease and odour treatment

Aire Limpio grease and odour treatment systems offer numerous advantages and benefits for better Indoor Air Quality:

Reduction of grease

Less grease is built up in the extraction duct.

Reduction of odours

Aire Limpio systems help to reduce a high percentage of odours, provided that the residence time in the duct is at least 2 seconds. All food preparation by-products give rise to vapours, particles and odours and not all of these can be collected with traditional filtration systems.

Reduction of bacteria

Many types of bacteria found in the extraction duct are minimised, thus ruling out the possibility of them returning to the kitchen environment.

Reduced maintenance costs

Only one annual review is required.

Reduction of irritating odours and grease

This is essential in hotel industry processes.

Reduction of odours in bedrooms, dining rooms and public areas

As a result of the outdoor outlet for odours being located close to or being the same as the air intake for air conditioning systems.

Increased well-being and comfort

When customers feel comfortable in the facilities, this promotes well-being with a view to future visits.

Potential complaints from neighbours are minimised and avoided

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