Nosocomial infections are a very serious problem in Hospitals, and Indoor Air Quality is therefore crucial in these buildings.

Almost 25% of the infections caught in hospitals are of a respiratory origin and 37% of all infections are picked up in intensive care units. With this in mind, it is extremely important to ensure that the air in critical Hospital environments is treated properly.

Tempering the air is not enough.

  • Pressure control (overpressure in cases of immunosuppressed patients and lower pressure in cases of infectious patients).
  • Absolute filtration, impulsion and suitable air extraction.
  • Continuous monitoring of the atmosphere in these environments.

Advantages and benefits of Aire Limpio Systems for hospitals

Practical cases in hospital critical environments

Aire Limpio systems for hospital environments have numerous advantages and benefits that make the Hospital a safe environment:

Critical Environments

  • Rooms for Immunosuppressed patients.
  • Rooms for Infectious patients.
  • Laboratories.
  • Emergency Boxes.
  • ICUs.
  • Surgical blocks.
  • Pharmacy: cytostatic, parenteral, sterile.
  • Pathology Rooms.
  • Cleanrooms.
  • Imaging rooms.

UVGI Air Disinfection

  • AHUs and air ducts of general air conditioning systems.
  • Operating theatres, fan-coil units and inductors.

Energy and cost savings

Validation and qualification

  • UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008 certificate for the validation of operating theatres and controlled environment rooms.
  • Qualification of laboratory booths.


Services to improve air quality in hospitals

Isolation Facilities

We adapt isolation environments so that hospitals can provide better care and have more versatile facilities, using the most advanced technologies and work processes:

  • Monitoring and effective control of isolation.
  • Monitoring of environmental parameters such as differential pressure, temperature and relative humidity.

Ventilation and Air Conditioning Installations

Air sterilisation with UVGI emitting diodes for installation in AHUs, Operating Theatres, Fan-coils, Inductors and Air Conditioning Ducts. SIPAP® Active Polarisation systems help to save energy, with a reduction in power consumption and maintenance, as well as treatment of grease and odours in kitchens.

Technical maintenance service

The commitment of Aire Limpio goes far beyond the installation of its air purification systems, with the development of the AL-PLUS service programme. We adapt to the specific needs of each hospital, providing our own technical service with rigorous work protocols.


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