The growing social awareness around air quality means that we must rethink the way in which spaces are designed; this is why a home must be more than a building or a space where families live in a healthy environment. Health and well-being are now essential factors to be taken into account in the design and development of real estate assets.


Flagship store references

Shops must be much more than a place in which to buy things; they must become an environment in which customers feel comfortable. With regard to indoor air quality, open spaces are crucial because a large number of people in-store without suitable filtration results in a “stuffy atmosphere”, which affects customers’ decisions and therefore means they spend less.

Shop warehouses, particularly in the food industry, produce irritating odours due to the emission of chemical and organic compounds resulting from their activity. It is therefore essential to have proper filtration for these types of components so that such odours do not pass through to the sales area, making customers feel uncomfortable in the environment.

The value proposal of a healthy Flagship store is very powerful, with indoor air quality being a key part in this process. By introducing solutions to improve indoor air quality, both employees and customers can benefit and brand values will be transmitted and more widely recognised, with customer spending also seeing an increase.

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