+ 45000 kids
benefit from better indoor air quality
125 large hospitals
throughout Spain have our systems
262000 persons
breathe clean air at work
7210 Tons
of CO2 we have contributed to reducing

We look after the air that children breathe

A school must be much more than a place where our children go every day. It has to be an environment that fuels creativity and inspiration, where indoor air quality plays a key role in children’s health and their cognitive development.

Our ventilation systems are used in 2,434 classrooms in 240 schools and nearly 50,000 children benefit from improved air quality.

We help patients get better

Indoor Air Quality is a priority in hospitals, and personal protection must be comprehensive in these spaces to include patients, healthcare staff and visitors.

With our air purification systems in hospitals, we help reduce the number of nosocomial infections and help patients get better.

We have installed 418 isolation environments in 132 Spanish hospitals (rooms for immunosuppressed patients, infectious patients, surgical suites, laboratories, emergency boxes, ICUs). At Ambisalud, in 2018 we also carried out 156 validations of surgical suites and critical environments to make sure these spaces were suitable.

We research new technologies and support culture

At Aire Limpio, we have developed and effectively implemented new technologies with a business volume of 40 million euros, launching 85 new products and gaining our own patents. In addition, at Aire Limpio we have participated in R&D research projects alongside CIEMAT and other Spanish and European institutions.

We support culture and the protection of artistic heritage; at Ambisalud and Aire Limpio, we work in the Thyssen and Reina Sofía Museums, the Museum of the Americas, the Prado Museum, the Royal Collections Museum and the National Archaeological Museum “MAN”.

We help people work better

We help people and companies work in healthier and more sustainable environments.
We improve the indoor air quality of buildings in order to improve 
well-being, health, creativity and productivity.

Our air purification systems treat 14.8 million m3 of air. Thanks to these systems, 263,000 Spanish people now breathe “clean air” every day at work, therefore taking care of their health, comfort and helping to increase aggregate productivity by 170 million euros each year.

The office industry is experiencing a revolution in Health and Well-being, in which indoor air quality is the most important factor.

We treat the air in paediatric ICUs

The purity of air is critical in these areas in order to help improve the health and well-being of children and their families; thanks to our systems, quality, isolation and constant monitoring are guaranteed.

In this respect, we have been involved in installing the most advanced paediatric ICUs such as those in the Niño Jesús Hospital and the Maktub Centre, alongside the Aladina Foundation, as well as those in the Son Espases Hospital in Mallorca.

We reduce the impact on the environment

The services of Aire Limpio and Ambisalud contribute to annual energy savings of 18.75 million kWh and a drop in greenhouse gas emissions with the reduction of 7,218 tonnes of CO2 in our customers’ buildings.

We strive to reduce the environmental impact of buildings and make them more efficient in their use of energy resources.

We promote Excellence

Aire Limpio purification systems help companies meet RITE ventilation regulations; we optimise their energy consumption and lower operating costs. Our Technical Office department has been involved in more than 12,500 projects. More than 1,300 professionals have received technical training through our webinars.

We promote excellence and quality in green construction projects. Over the past few years, we have carried out more than 1,700 Indoor Air Quality Inspections and participated in 92 building projects with LEED®, BREEAM® & WELLTM certification.

Tomás Higuero, Consejero Delegado de Aire Limpio

In March 1999, Santiago Satrústegui, Fernando Feldman and I signed the establishment of a business company called Aire Limpio 2000.

In both the weeks before and after signing, the three of us held frantic meetings in Fernando’s kitchen until the early hours of the morning. Drafting business plans, agreements with suppliers, outlining presentations, looking for employees—it can be said that we are a true Spanish-style “garage company”. Based on this concept surrounding indoor air quality, a group of shareholders and executives was formed. Today, with a few more grey hairs but just as enthusiastic, we are still highly committed to this project.

“As the tango song goes… “20 years is nothing”… and it really is quite something! In Spain, the ‘death rate’ of companies is very high, therefore reaching this milestone has been a combination of work, luck, perseverance, stubbornness and a certain degree of instinct and skill.

Looking back, the first thing that comes to mind is the numerous times that we’ve been wrong, times when we’ve misread the market, or made the wrong decision, or just didn’t perform well. I sincerely believe that having “messed up” in the past is what has enabled us to have a strong position now and to be where we are.

Rationalising and learning from our mistakes and misunderstandings together is one of the most valuable lessons of these past 20 years. Another is the importance and value of those who are part of this project, both workers and shareholders. Attitude, compatibility, and work capacity.
I am convinced that we make a great team destined to achieve great things.

We have many challenges and opportunities ahead of us. Our sector, that of indoor air quality, is gradually gaining momentum; as pioneers and market leaders, we must be at the forefront of the market as regards both technology and business, while educating and raising awareness among others about the importance of breathing quality indoor air. In this sense, we believe that we have now reached a turning point and that in the building sector, the indoor air quality breathed quite simply has to be taken into account. Finally, I would like to highlight that we are very proud of how we earn a living. I hope it shows.

With our products and services, we help people breathe better and lead a healthier life, in addition to helping sick people get better more quickly and making buildings healthier and more sustainable.

I am grateful to all our customers for the trust they have placed in us these past 20 years; our greatest challenge has always been to constantly exceed their expectations. I thank all the companies and institutions that have supported us, as well as suppliers, banks, partners and friends. And of course, I am grateful to those directly linked to Aire Limpio, both workers and shareholders; without you, this fantastic adventure would not be possible. Here’s to the next 20 years.


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