22 years caring for
the air you breathe

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We work today
to be together tomorrow
Thanks to the technical services
that make health care
against COVID-19 possible
We care about
the air you breathe
We are experts
in indoor air quality
We care about
the air you breathe
We are experts in
indoor air quality

Indoor Air Quality for personal health and well-being, as well as improved energy efficiency for buildings

22 Years taking care of the air you breathe

What we have learned over this time has allowed us to position ourselves as pioneers and leaders at the forefront of the market as regards both technology and business, while educating and raising awareness among others about the importance of breathing quality indoor air.

Why is indoor air quality so important?

We are inspired by personal well-being

We promote innovative projects and solutions for companies in various sectors such as hospitals, offices, schools and public buildings in order to improve indoor air quality, with a positive impact on health, sustainability, energy efficiency and productivity.



The value proposition of a healthy building enhances indoor air quality, has a positive impact on the entire workforce and transmits company values.


Improving indoor air quality and highlighting the importance of health and sustainability are key elements in the design and development of real estate assets.


Protection of indoor air quality in a hospital environment must be comprehensive and include patients, healthcare staff and visitors.

Featured products

Solutions that improve Indoor Air quality: SIPAP® Active Polarisation, SFEG® Photocatalysis, SIAV® Ventilation, Critical Hospital Environments, UVGI Light, Grease and Odour Treatment, Residential Ventilation and Filtration or Monitoring to improve air quality in buildings, offices and hospitals.

SIPAP® Active Polarisation

Technology that improves air quality, complies with RITE (regulations on thermal installations in buildings) and consumes less energy, offering systems for buildings in use, as well as new projects.

SFEG® Photocatalysis

UVC devices produce ultraviolet germicidal light, keeping air conditioning systems clean and improving indoor air quality.


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