SIFAR® home air purifiers (Aire Limpio Integrated Residential Filtration Systems), respond to a new technological concept: the “WHOLEHOUSE FILTRATION SYSTEM”; they represent a comprehensive solution for the whole home, with high filtration efficiency and with a minimum pressure loss for the ventilation system.

The SIFAR® filtration system adapts to centralised ventilation systems, surpassing current home and duct-type purification systems, which yield little actual efficiency and present various problems: current purifiers take up a lot of space, make noise, provide only a localised solution and have a high cost.

This is a comprehensive system based on HEPA filters (High Efficiency Particulate Air), a type of high-efficiency air filter, made up of a mesh of fibres that, unlike membrane filters, are designed to retain pollutants and much smaller particles.

The new concept of ‘WHOLEHOUSE FILTRATION SYSTEM’ represents a comprehensive solution for the whole home, with high filtration efficiency and with a minimum pressure loss for the ventilation system.

Air pollution in large cities is a growing concern in Spain. The air we breathe on the street, in the workplace and in our homes has clear effects on our health, with the number of people affected by respiratory problems increasing.

We spend about 90% of our lives in enclosed spaces, including our homes, spaces in which air pollution can be equally or more harmful than outdoors. Being aware of the existence of this pollution and knowing how to fight it is also key to our health.

SIFAR® home air filtration systems operate in two modes:

  • Passive:the unit detects that outdoor air quality is good and the fan is not in operation, allowing air to pass through the system.
  • Active:the air contains pollutants and the indoor fan makes the air flow pass through the unit’s filters for its purification and subsequent distribution around the home.

The volume of air treated by a SIFAR® system is in the range between 200 and 500 cubic metres per hour, a sufficient flow for homes with up to 5 or 6 bedrooms.

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