Torre Rioja at Avenida de América, 81, is a modern office building of more than 20,000 m2. Torre Rioja has a clear vocation for sustainability and technology and proof of this is the LEED Platinum Certification with the highest score in Europe and second in the world, obtained in 2016.

The AIRE LIMPIO SIPAP® Active Polarisation systems use electrostatic polarisation on a filter medium and do not generate ionisation. This technology replaces traditional filtration and consumes less energy due to its low pressure drop, with lower maintenance costs compared to traditional filtration.

SIPAP® Active Polarisation purification systems are ideal for meeting Spanish RITE regulations in new or existing buildings.

This technology achieves different credits in the following certifications and their corresponding categories:


  • Energy and Atmosphere (EA Minimum energy performance and EA Energy performance optimisation).
  • Indoor environmental quality (EQ Strategies for the improvement of Air Quality and EQ Air Quality Analysis).
  • Innovation and Design (ID Innovation in design. Exemplary performance).


  • Health and Well-Being (SyB2 Indoor air quality).
  • ENERGY (ENE1 Energy Efficiency) and Innovation.


  • Feature 5 (Air): Air filtration.
  • Feature 23 (Air): Advanced air purification.

Verde® Certification

  • Energy and Atmosphere (B03 Non-renewable energy consumption during the use of the building System efficiency and demand).

Advantages and benefits of Active Polarisation Systems

Practical cases of active polarisation

Purification systems by SIPAP® Active Polarisation have numerous advantages and benefits that transform any building into an Energy-Efficient Healthy Building:

Simple installation

  • Ideal for installation in new or existing buildings.
  • Adaptation to AHUs, fan-coils, diffusers and grilles.


  • Increases the useful life of filters.
  • Greater frequency of preventive maintenance (2 years).

Energy savings

  • Lower consumption.
  • Lower pressure loss (up to 60% lower).
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions.

Compliance with RITE regulations

  • High filtration efficiency.
  • Compliance with IDAS.
  • Score in LEED®, BREEAM® and VERDE® certifications.

Indoor air quality

  • Efficient air management in buildings.
  • Increased health and well-being of occupants.

Return on investment

  • Significant financial savings.
  • ROI period under 3 years.
  • Energy savings of 45% compared to traditional filters.
  • 60% reduction in maintenance costs.


Practical application and installation

Optimal systems for buildings in use and new projects.

Can be installed both in the central air conditioning system for a comprehensive treatment of the building, and in diffusers and fan-coils for the treatment of specific areas or entire floors in buildings.


Technical maintenance service

The commitment of Aire Limpio extends further than the installation of its air purification systems, with the development of the AL-PLUS service programme. We adapt to the specific needs of each installation and offer our own technical service which follows strict work protocols.

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