SIPAP® Active Polarisation

Technology that improves air quality, complies with RITE (regulations on thermal installations in buildings) and consumes less energy, with systems for buildings in use and new projects.

Ventilación SIAV®

Energy-Saving Ventilation Systems manage to reduce outdoor air by 80% by purifying indoor air, always meeting the level required by RITE regulations.

SIFAR® Filtration

SIFAR adapts to traditional ventilation systems and has great advantages over current home appliance/duct-based purification systems.

IQAir® Air Purifiers

IQAir® products, distributed by Aire Limpio, offer the most advanced solutions for air purification inside homes, premises, offices and health centers.

UGVI Light

UVC devices produce germicidal ultraviolet light and keep air conditioning systems clean, thus improving indoor air


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